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About Us

These four words define what Credit Counseling Now is all about. Make no mistake about it, our financial expertise is among the industry's best. But that is not what drives our business. We realize that the success of our programs depends exclusively on the relationships our counselors build with our clients. We strive to make you free of debt and free to live your life - things that can only happen if we work together.

Trust in our professionals. Trust in yourself. Better days lie ahead.

From the minute you apply for our assistance (using the free form atop this page) our experts will begin reviewing your information and devise a number of strategies by which you can get your feet back on the ground - financially and otherwise. Here is where our financial and counseling experience goes to work. We will contact you within one business day to review your options, and to implement a personalized plan by which you can become debt free.

And our efforts don't stop there. Our staff will negotiate with your creditors on your behalf, and help you secure lower interest rates that would not be available to you on your own. We'll help you set up a flexible payment plan, and we'll combine all your monthly bills into one easy payment. It's true. Whatever your problems stem from, and no matter how bad your situation may be, the days of suffering are over. Let's turn things around right here!

A world of opportunity awaits you through Credit Counseling. Apply for our services... Now!

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